At Clare Gray Designs we design pretty paper! We know that’s not great for the environment, but we have taken steps to be as low waste and low impact on the environment as we can be, and we’re always looking for greener ways to work.


We don’t use swish new branded packaging, we reuse and recycle all the boxes and bubble wrap sent to us in deliveries. This unfortunately means your deliveries don’t look snazzy or exiting on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts! We encourage all of our lovely customers to reuse or recycle this packaging too. On the rare occasions that our stash of recycled bubble wrap runs out and we have to buy packaging, we buy plastic-free.


We get through a lot of paper, in this business I’m afraid its unavoidable. However, we work digitally as much as possible, most of our hand lettering for suites is done using the apple pencil and ProCreate software, meaning less waste. When using paper is essential, we use recycled paper. We also have a stack of scrap paper in the office for making notes, printing onto, testing colours etc., paper is never used just once.

We offer our clients the choice to use recycled paper for their finished invites too.


We use several local eco friendly printers to print our designs, this means your invites have as small a journey as possible from the printers to us in Cambridge, before they make their journey on to you.

Our printing partners, paper, and foil suppliers have all taken steps to offset their carbon emissions. We only work with printing partners who have great sustainability policies, and are as keen as we are to take care of our planet.

We offer clients several printing options, including the option to print using vegetable based inks.

Reuse & Recycle

We hope your guests will want to keep your beautiful invitations forever. Some of our house collection are even designed to be framed as art after your guests have attended your event.

However, if you can bear to part with them, all of our invites, including both digital and hot foiled suites, are fully recyclable.